Visual safe and comfortable ear cleaning to cure children's ear phobia

May 10,2021

With this bebird r1 Children's Visual Ear Cleaner, you can pick your ears intelligently and safely for the whole family

bebird r1

Children’s cerumen is oversecreted. If it is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to cause bacterial infection of the ear canal, hearing loss and other problems. Therefore, taking out earwax for children has become a compulsory course for parents, and taking out earwax has become the top problem

Because when picking ears, the child is always so scared that he can't calm down, shaking his body in various ways. At this time, it is the easiest to pierce the child's ears!

That's why parents are so worried when they dig out their children's ears, because a miss will ruin their children's ears! But to this day, there are still many children who suffer ear damage during ear removal.

In fact, there's a Black Tech Kids Visual Ear Cleaner that has the highest level of ear removal safety, even breaking a Guinness World Record.It is the
bebird r1 Visualize ear cleaning for children

bebird r1 Visualize ear cleaning for children

Ear picking incorrectly

May cause irreversible ear canal damage

Picking ears is great, but there are risks associated with using the wrong tools.

It is easy to push the earwax deep into the ear with a cotton swab or earpick, causing the earwax to accumulate next to the tympanic membrane, causing bacterial infection and inflammation. It can also cause ear canal damage, tinnitus, dizziness, hearing loss, and even piercing the eardrum if you are not careful.

You can only dig blindly if you can't see the ear canal, which is the biggest flaw in ear picking. But many people cannot refuse that kind of pleasure, because in addition to physical orgasm, there is also a mental orgasm called ASMR, also known as "intracranial orgasm."

In order to feel this pleasure safely, this bebird r1 smart ear picking stick comes in handy. Using it to dig out the ears, you can clearly see the inside of the ears, and coupled with the moderately hard silicone eartips, my mother will no longer be afraid of me digging my ears!

bebird r1 Visualize ear cleaning for children

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