ABOUT Bebird Founded in 2017

100% devoted to serve customers!

Black Bees Innovation (HK) Technology Limited was founded in 2019, headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The first provider of smart visual ear cleaning rod, focusing on the development and production of visual ear cleaning rod, ear, dental endoscope and etc. “bebird” brand is a leading brand in this field and is getting more popular in the world especially in China. We have set up very close business relationships with international chian stores, supermarkets, trade agent and established strategic partnership with importers in China, Korea, Japan, USA,Thailand, France and Belgium and ect . We cerrently have 2 companies, 2 R&D centers, 2 manufacturing plants and more than 400 employees, also have professional sales and after-service teams to serve you. lack bees is striving to achieve the vision “ 100% devoted to serve customers!


Service Vision

Ear health is essential for our life. Everyone should have a pair of healthy ear to hear the beauty of the world.

If you don’t have cleaned ears, earwax could be piled up easily to accumulate germs in your ears, it ends up infection to damage your hearing, wearing hearing aid could be the end result.

Heifeng creates a wireless smart visual ear cleaning rod that helps you to check your ear canel at smartphone and remove earwax at same time

Heifeng is striving to achieve the vision “ 100% devoted to serve customers! ”

Original Concept

he slender beak of the hummingbird extends into the flower heart, taking away the pollen without harming the flower, and helping the flower pollinate.

Our ear cleaning rod gently extends the ear spoon into the ear canal, cleans the earwax without damaging the ear canal, and brings comfortable pleasure to users.

Therefore (Bebird) , this product is called the bebird smart visual ear cleaning rod, which is exactly expressed the hummingbird in the ear picking world.

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