Bebird Note3 Pro Max 3-in-1 multifuntional earwax removal ear wax tweezers otoscope kit with 10MP 1080P camera

Anodized shell color: white, blue

Feature Of Product :

  • Product name : bebird Note3 Pro Max intelligent visual ear picking stick
  • Camera pixels : 10 million
  • Pixel lens diameter : 3.7mm
  • Gyroscope : 6 axis
  • Battery : 350 mAh 3.7V
  • Working time/charging time : 70 minutes
  • Input current : 5V / 400mA
  • Size : 162.8 * 14 mm
  • Rod weight : 32.2g
  • Material : aluminum alloy
  • Focal length : 1.5-2cm
  • Anodized shell color : white, blue
  • :
  • Accessories and packaging :
  • Classic elastic ear pick*4, special ear pick*4, curved neck ring ear pick*4, small brush*1, micro lens hood*1, two protective plug*1, alcohol swab*5, softening cotton swab*5 , Fast charge data cable*1 :

The slender beak of the hummingbird extends into the flower heart, taking away the pollen without harming the flower, and helping the flower pollinate. Our ear cleaning rod gently extends the ear spoon into the ear canal, cleans the earwax without damaging the ear canal, and brings comfortable pleasure to users. Therefore (Bebird) , this product is called the bebird smart visual ear cleaning rod, which is exactly expressed the hummingbird in the ear picking world.

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