Bebird M9 pro smart Visual Ear Cleaning Method, App Video Visible

May 10,2021

In addition to the effective cleaning of ear holes, under the stimulation of different tools, it can also play a decompression and enjoyment role

But using the wrong tool or blindly digging out your ears yourself will not only make the earwax more and more pushed into the ears, it may cause the ears to become irritated and itchy, and even if you dig too deeply, there is a risk of piercing the eardrum.

In fact, in the final analysis, if you can't see the ear canal, you can only dig blindly.

The bebird team, together with European and American ear specialists, and Chengdu Caier non-material cultural genetics, took nearly 3 years to create a model that allows you to clearly see the visual earpick inside the ear when you take out the ear-bebird M9 Pro smart visual ear cleaning

bebird M9 Pro smart visual ear cleaning

bebird M9 Pro

Different from the visual ear cleaning tools on the market, most of them have a large screen and a long cable, which is inconvenient to carry and troublesome to use... But the bebird visual ear cleaning adopts a wireless design.

The size of only a pen can be easily put in any bag, and it is very convenient to carry it with you. It has a built-in 300W pixel high-definition endoscope, ultra-fast WiFi chip, cold light LED light and anti-blue lens, etc.

bebird M9Pro

The 300W pixel medical-grade high-definition endoscope is indeed something, and under the illumination of 6 LED lights, the hairs in the ear canal can be clearly illuminated

And the operation is simple and convenient, even if you are alone, you can easily clean the earwax, magnetic induction smart switch, open the lid and close the lid. When using it, first buckle the ear tip to the front end.

Install the dedicated APP on your mobile phone, choose Smart Ear Cleaner M9 pro, connect your mobile phone and ear picker, and click start.

There are many thoughtful functions on the APP, such as battery display and battery reminder.

bebird M9Pro smart visual ear cleaning

The built-in 4-axis gyroscope can adapt to the ear canals of different people.

It can automatically switch to the most comfortable angle when you use it, whether it is straight, upward, oblique, or downward, so that you can dig where you want.

At the same time, a double constant temperature system is used to keep the otoscope at 25 degrees and the body at 32 degrees. It is safe to pay for children with delicate ear canals or elderly parents.

Moreover, because the hummingbird ear cleaning lens is clear enough, the App also supports functions such as taking pictures and videos. In addition to ear picking, it can also be used to check any part of the mouth, nostrils, etc. you want to see, so that if there is inflammation, it can be found in time. Early detection and early treatment can save a lot of money.

There are as many as 17 accessories in the high-end version of the ear picking stick, including the body, 8 types of eartips, 3 types of massage sticks, 3 refreshing ear swabs and 3 alcohol swabs, of which 8 types of eartips are stored in the charging base and can be rotated. open.

bebird M9Pro smart visual ear cleaning

8 types of eartips are stored in the charging base

The eartips are all made of antibacterial silica gel with moderate hardness, which does not hurt the ears and has a double safety factor.

Antibacterial silicone ear spoon with moderate hardness

Doesn't hurt ears, and the safety factor is double

The sealed storage tube can also keep the eartips clean and tidy, and they can be placed in an orderly manner. It is also comfortable for patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The ear part is modeled on a bronchoscope and optimized for more slenderness, with a diameter of only 3.5mm. Even children and people with small ear canals can easily use it.

Especially for friends who often call, listen to music on headphones, and stay up late, the earwax can grow faster. If you don’t take it out for a long time, your hearing will become worse and cause ear canal inflammation... Bringing a hummingbird will not only keep the ear canal clean and fresh, but also It can alleviate the pressure of life and work.

Built-in 350mah lithium battery, charging for about 1.5 hours once, can be used continuously for 90 minutes, if it is calculated at a frequency of 10 minutes each time, it can be used for about 60 days, using wireless charging, the base is connected to the power supply, and the ears are picked The stick is inserted on the base and the breathing light turns green to start fast charging.

When you don’t need to charge, plug it back into the base to store it, and you can turn it on when you want to use it.

Because of its functionality and user-friendly design, once it was launched, this magical stick from the East began to sweep the world. Since the Korean star Lee Elin became the spokesperson, South Korean big Vs and Internet celebrities have revealed themselves. You can also see expert recommendations on Korean variety show beauty and beauty.

bebird M9Pro smart visual ear cleaning

Bloggers in Europe and the United States have also blown up this little stick from the East in social networks such as Facebook and YouTube.

3 colors are available, men and women can find the color that suits them, hurry up and throw away the cotton swab and iron spoon in your hand, advanced ear picking enjoyment is within your reach.

bebird M9Pro smart visual ear cleaning

Human ears have many sensitive points. With this intelligent visual ear pick, it can clean earwax safely and quickly, and massage the ears to relieve fatigue. The baby is no longer afraid of ear pain.

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