Korean Variety Show recommends bebird r1 visual ear picks, are you using it?

May 06,2021

Visual ear cleaner can be said to be the hottest topic at present. In terms of performance, this visual ear cleaner has an absolute advantage. The bebird visual ear cleaner made by Heifeng Intelligent Manufacturing wisdom is a small, high-definition, high appearance level portable model.
Bebird Visual Ear cleaner R1 is a "visible" ear stripping equipment with wireless WiFi transmission + HD synchronous display product. It is also the latest one launched by Black Bee Wisdom. As the inventor of endoscopic ear stripping, everyone can also see it

Visible Ear cleaner R1

After opening the package, we can see the BEBIRD visual ear scoop, several ear scoop heads and cotton swabs, sticky sticks, as well as a instructions and a charging cable, standard equipment is simple
How it works, the Bebird Visible Ear cleaner R1 is wirelessly connected and comes with six lights so you can see every detail when you pull your ear out.
Built-in 130mAh lithium battery, the battery life is up to 30 minutes of continuous operation
Small in size and distinctive in appearance, it is hard to imagine that this is a smart visual earcleaner. There is only a button switch and indicator light on the body, and a charging port at the bottom.
The Bebird is different from its wired competitors in many ways. First, it has a high-definition endoscope camera. Second, no matter where you are, you can open the ear cleaner and enjoy the pleasure of ear cutting by combining the advantages of mobile phone software.

At the same time, every detail is considered, as a visual ear cleaner nose, even the ear cleaner head details also did not let go, the use of threaded installation scheme, more safe.
One of the things I like about it is that it is very compatible. It works with both Android and iPhone. When we receive the Ear cleaner, we just need to install the Ear cleaner head and we can use it.

Visible Ear cleaner R1

In terms of mobile phone APP, the interface design of Bebird visual ear cleaner is simple and intuitive, and the basic functions are shown on the home page. When the mobile phone opens the wireless signal to connect the ear cleaner WiFi, it is a real-time transmission mode after entering, and it can also take pictures and record, which is very clear.
From the proof, the actual effect of the BEBIRD visual ear cleaner is still very good, we can not only be used in the ear, but also can be used to check the skin, electronic maintenance, small things, all aspects have a good performance, the ear is no longer blind cut.

Visible Ear cleaner R1

Overall, the biggest selling point of the BEBIRD visual ear cleaner is the combination of technology and tradition. It can realize the linkage between intelligent devices and real-time viewing. Every time you pull out your ears, you can enjoy it.
BEBIRD is a visual ear cleaner that pays more attention to experience. Its clarity and stability are very excellent, and it is the most important to have no worries, safe and comfortable experience. It is therefore that it can be called web celebrity ear cleaner.If you want to buy a web celebrity Ear cleaner or want to surprise your loved one, then the Bebird Visible Ear cleaner is a good choice for you.


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