The Medical Futurist's recommendation to Bebird Note 5

November 22,2023

The Medical Futurist. 

“This is the channel of Dr. Bertalan Mesko, PhD, The Medical Futurist, author, keynote speaker, geek doctor with PhD in genomics, science fiction fanatic. The future of medicine, healthcare, diseases, treatments and technologies shaping the coming years is described through stories, examples and devices. The mission of The Medical Futurist is to prove that we can only improve the human touch in medicine by using more and more disruptive technologies.”


He put the below reviews into the video of Bebird Note 5 smart visual ear cleaner with tweezers.


"Let me introduce you to a nifty little #digitalhealth device: the Bebird Note 5 Pro otoscope! I've had a go with an otoscope before, but the only hiccup was that it required a jack cable. But this time, we're stepping up our ear inspection game with this Wi-Fi-connected device. Let's go!"



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