GIZMOCHINA: Bebird AuriCare Note5 Pro Review: This Is Your Personal Care Assistant

November 17,2023

Bebird AuriCare Note5 Pro Review: This Is Your Personal Care Assistant

By Will Zhu

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User Experience

Let me quote some words from Wiki, “Some East Asians (including Yamato Japanese), Southeast Asians and Native Americans (including Inuit) are more likely to have the dry type of earwax (gray and flaky), while Africans, Europeans, and other East Asians (including Ainu) are more likely to have wet type earwax (honey-brown, dark orange to dark-brown and moist). 30-50% of South Asians, Central Asians and Pacific Islanders have the dry type of cerumen”.


So to deal with different kinds of earwax, multiple heads should be used. I am the dry type, and my body does not produce ear waste that much, so I usually clean my ears two times a month. If you are a wet type, then some more work is required, and Bebird is thoughtful enough to prepare 5 soft swabs for you to clean the lens and ear tips.

When I was using the tool, the setup process was very smooth. Just like some IoT products, it has a WIFI connection to bind the device to the phone, then use the app to help with the whole process. The cap is magnetic, once it’s pulled off, the device is on automatically. When it’s on, the image is really clear and I can navigate through the ear canal very efficiently, the image is always very steady. The tweezers are really intuitive, whenever I put a little pressure on the button, it immediately mirrored to the tweezers. But of course, there is a learning process in it, because you will be watching the phone while cleaning the ears.


I have also used it to check my mouth and nose, and it also works well. I can see most parts of my mouth without any problem, you can see some calculus accumulating again, it seems that I need to see a dentist again! I have also tried to check my nose, and it also works fine. Something to mention here, the tweezer is unremovable, so make sure whenever you use it just to do daily checking, the tip is recommended to be on all the time, otherwise the tweezer may pinch some of your body parts.

Now I wouldn’t be able to showcase the Remote Diagnosis function, simply because we don’t have family doctors. But if you do have a family doctor, this can be a very good feature to have for sure.

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