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Bebird Ear Cleaner Hot in the US

January 21,2021

In the United States, our products are highly sought after by consumers, and many customers have purchased and used our products through online and offline channels to solve their plagued ear cleaning problems.

Listen to what some of our end users have to say.


“I had initially supported a similar model in Kickstarter and I am more than satisfied with the product. I just have to buy the a new otoscope again as a gift. The quality is spot-on and I love the minimalist design. It connects to my phone quite fast via wifi (actually faster to connect than my bluetooth headset). The video quality is terrific! There is some slight learning curve on how to orient the device though, but you will be able to get used to it.”


---F. F. Acejo


“ Great product whether you are high maintenance person or not. We all need to clean our ear at one point or another. The problem with the traditional way of cleaning our ear with cotton swab is that if you are not careful you are just pushing the wax in deeper into your ear. And since you can see what you are doing it’s not the safest method. But with this new innovative product you can actually see what you are doing while cleaning so you are accurately cleaning the parts that needs cleaning avoiding any other contacts and damaging your ear tissue.”

----Joseph K.


The visualization of the product greatly helps users to clean their ears and avoid the accumulation of ear wax. During the epidemic, when it was not convenient for people to go to the hospital clinic to clean their ears, they were pleased to find that they could use our products to solve the problem at home, which was very convenient.

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