Valentine Lewis's recommendation to Bebird AuriCare Note5

October 31,2023

Valentine Lewis​

She has a well recognization with Bebird AuriCare Note 5, the world's first Smart HD camera ear pick with Omni-directional tweezers, below is what she introduced:


"Ear Cleaner with Ear Pick &Tweezers Mode,1000W Ear Scope, Universal Gyroscope for Earwax Removal, Ear Wax Removal Kit Include 6pcs Ear Scoop


3-in-1 Upgraded Visual Ear Wax Removal Tool with Ear Camera - Put one of the tricolor silicone tips on and clean your ear canal gently. You can also share with your loved ones without cross-infection. Ear tweezers: Even large pieces of earwax can be removed by pressing a 360° switch to control the tweezers. Ear endoscope: Observe the condition of your ear canal to be assured.


Bebird HD Ear Camera - The ear wax removal is equipped with a 10-megapixel camera to see clear into your ear. With a gimbaled gyroscope, you can have a stable image even during ear pick. You can use the ear cleaner on kids, elders, and pets, for the diameter of its endoscope is only 3.2mm, so please rest assured.


High-quality Robotic Arm - Bebird ear tweezers are high-precision robotic arms. The ear wax removal kit has a convex angle on the tweezers so that they can be precisely engaged and not misaligned. The robotic arm gripping force is large enough to pick up a notebook. In the natural state, the tweezers are open, and the ear tip cannot easily fall off in the ear pick mode.


User-friendly Details - The ear wax removal tool has a magnetic on-off function. Once the cover is removed, the ear cleaner is activated, and you can connect it to your ear camera via WiFi. You can use a Type-C charging cable to charge the ear picker with a camera for 60 minutes to get the 230mAh battery replenished.


How to Switch Modes - Remove the magnetic cap to connect the ear cleaner via WiFi, and you will get an ear pick. While pressing the 360° switch, gently remove the ear tip to enter the ear tweezers mode. If you want to replace the ear tip, please remember to press the 360° switch to close the tweezers, then you can remove the old one. When the new tip is installed, release the switch to open the tweezers.


Products "EAR SPOON“ of this page are covered by U.S. Patent No. D972,900 S and D974,856 S."



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