Are you still worried that your ears won't be clean? Understand the bebird visual ear picker with camera

April 28,2021

Picking out your ears is a simple and troublesome thing. Because you can't see the inside of your ears, you can only ask others to help you when you pick out your ears, or you can clean your ears with a scraper. So bebid launched a visual ear picker with camera tool.

The packaging box is white in a simple style, and the front rendering is basically the rough appearance of this ear picking stick. After opening the box, you can find that in addition to the ear pick, there are ear picks, micro lens hoods, alcohol swabs, small brushes, fast charging data cables, etc. There are currently two colors of Star Blue and Haoyue White.

ear picker with camera

To see the world inside the ear clearly, the requirements for endoscopes are relatively high. bebird uses a 10 million high-definition endoscope, which allows the field of view to reach 75 degrees, the lens depth of field is between 12-30mm, and the lens focal length reaches 14mm. Let the entire ear canal become unobstructed and clearly visible.

ear picker with camera

Another innovative point of the ear picker is that it has multiple functions. Put the ear tip on the ear tip, and you can pick your ears comfortably; some earwax is more rigid and adheres to the ear wall, which is more suitable for gripping with tweezers. Come out, through the mobile phone software, you can easily control the opening and closing of the ear tweezers, which is very convenient.

The design of the ear picking tweezers adopts the design of electric micro-mechanical arm. Through the point machine control, the opening and closing force of the ear picking tweezers reaches 150 grams force, the opening and closing angle is 10.2 degrees, and the accuracy is about 0.05mm. It is still very accurate. It can handle all kinds of common ear canal foreign bodies.

In addition to being able to see the situation in the ear clearly, the video data also needs to be able to be transmitted to the mobile phone stably and quickly. The bebird robotic arm visual ear picker has a built-in high-end WIFI chip, which makes the image transmission rate reach 20fps, the working frequency reaches 2.4GHZ, and the low latency is optimized by 50%, which fully guarantees the efficiency and smoothness of the video picture.

ear picker with camera

In terms of battery life, there is a 300mAh lithium battery inside the small ear picking stick, which can be used for about 60 days when it is fully charged. At the same time, in order to improve the efficiency of use, the designer has made a three-in-one design for the magnetic charging base, fixing and storage. The positive plug can be used for fast charging, and the reverse plug can be used to place the ear pick.

In order to fully consider the ear conditions of different people, solve the problems of ear picking such as oily ears, dry ears, and large earwax.

The operation is also very simple. Thanks to the magnetic induction smart switch technology, the ear picking stick will be automatically turned on when the cover is opened; when the WIFI is turned on for the first time, when it is used again, it will automatically connect to the phone when it is turned on. In order to prevent overheating, its non-inductive intelligent temperature control technology can keep the otoscope around 25°C and the temperature of the palm of the body is not higher than 32°C.

ear picker with camera

The body design and feel are also very good. The precise anti-slip pattern design of the body can make the grip feel comfortable and prevent the ear from slipping. The otoscope is equipped with 5 cold-light lighting LED lights to fully illuminate the situation in the ear. Overall, this is a very good ear picker with camera and it is worth starting with.

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